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Case Study: Safari Club International

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No other bidder was able to do all that VP does for us at Safari Club International. There was no complete solution.

Michael Roqueni
Director of Member and Chapter Services

The Challenge

United by those who are passionate about both hunting rights and wildlife conservation, Safari Club International is made up of around 50,000 members spread among its 170 chapters. With locations around the globe, the organization requires extensive communication and collaboration to ensure a smooth operation. Its headquarters must synchronize both SCI and chapter memberships, which vary by level, feature, and price. SCI sought to acquire other like-minded conservation associations, and met with VP Demand Creation to review membership marketing for another association: Quail Unlimited. When SCI’s Chief Operations Officer witnessed the process and pace of subscription and membership marketing at VPDCS, he stated “Can you do that for us?” SCI wanted to increase membership retention and further expand their network of members, and viewed VPDCS’s publishing and marketing expertise as a valuable extension of their current knowledge, skills and abilities.

The Solution

A membership retention program was launched in 2012, consisting of five different companies and dozens of contracts. These factors all worked together to sync SCI and chapter members. For example, life members do not need SCI renewal notices, but some need reminders to renew their chapter membership. In order to save on postage costs and to avoid inundating members with mail, we combined chapter renewals (over 100 chapters) into the regular renewal effort using variable data printing – matching a member’s name with his or her chapter memberships and making only those chapters visible on the renewal notice. A variety of inserts are also offered. Additionally, we promote donations to SCI’s non-profit organization while providing oversight on the legal requirements for donation requests.

The Results

Retention of life and existing members has grown 22 percent since our relationship began, increasing from 36,365 to 55,336 members. Our array of services are so unique that when SCI, following its internal protocol, sought competitive proposals for VPDCS services, the Director of Member and Chapter Services Michael Roqueñi explained that “no other bidder was able to do all VP does. There was no complete solution.”


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