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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Collaborating with our association clients to create or grow their mission is something we look forward to every single day. It’s why we’ve assembled an eclectic mix of marketing professionals who come together to solve problems for our clients in such unique and successful ways. Our team brings experience from the publishing world, digital marketing, direct mail, design, and copywriting to form a cohesive source of creativity and innovation that delivers exceptional campaigns, new revenue sources, and a better membership experience for associations’ membership.

Dave Moore


Most likely to live the longest

Tamela Rubin

Marketing Manager

Erin Wood

Client Success Team Manager

Most likely to know all the words to a tv show theme song

Jake Smith

Publications Director

Most likely to win Jeopardy

Katie Rollert

Advertising Sales

Most likely to win the lottery and still clip coupons

Andy LePere

Director of Client Innovation

Most likely to break a world record

Jillian LaCross

New Media Director, Managing Editor

Most likely to volunteer at a soup kitchen on a holiday

Nicole Manville

Graphic Designer

Most likely to hold her breath the longest

Rhonda Kelly

Circulation Manager

Most likely to get ID’d when they’re 60

Sandy Councell

Data Management

Most likely to invent something useful

Meet the Team March 22, 2017
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