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Kick-start Your Monday Morning

Shifting back into work mode after a weekend off can be a struggle. And the struggle is often directly correlated to the number of days spent away from the office. The longer the reprieve, the harder it can be to get back into the swing of things. But rather than accepting that a lackadaisical Monday morning is inevitable, consider making a few subtle changes to your Friday routine to kick-start your week when Monday rolls around again.

You know that cliché quote, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”? Well, you’re not necessarily going to fail by not preparing for Monday, but the basic premise is applicable. Closing out each week by preparing for the next sets you up for greater productivity, fewer headaches, and more opportunities to humbly brag about how much work you’ve already completed while you’re gathered around the water cooler – what could be better?

First and foremost, prioritize your calendar.

Studies have shown people are most productive during the morning, with a gradual decline as the day wears on. Don’t sacrifice this time doing mundane tasks. Rather, reserve your morning for your most important priorities.

Your most pressing priorities should be listed first, followed by deadlines that hit later in the week. At VPDCS, we love our whiteboards. You can find them in conference rooms, in hallways, and in personal workspaces. Some might say it’s overkill, but they’re handy! We utilize them as reminders of the work that lies ahead, work we’ve completed, and work that still needs to be spec’d out. Find a method that works for you – spreadsheets, scrap paper, sticky notes – and stick to it. There’s something so satisfying about physically checking completed tasks off a list.

Next, organize your desk.

File your paperwork back into their respective folders – in physical and digital formats. Clean up your inbox and sort the documents stored on your desktop. Give your coffee mug a good, thorough rinsing, too.

A new week should signify a fresh start. And that begins with an organized workspace.

Don’t forget to water your plants!

Plants are a great source for productivity. Trust me, it’s science. Don’t have a window? No problem. There are plenty of options for plants that thrive without direct sunlight and even florescent lighting. You can also invest in faux plants – although they won’t increase air quality, they do have the same general effect.

And finally, get some sleep.

When Sunday night rolls around, rather than watching another episode of the show you’re binge watching, pick up a book instead. The bright lights from our screens – phones, tablets, TVs – can increase insomnia. Bonus points if you select a business-oriented book. I highly recommend Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull.

What do you do to prepare for Monday? Share your tips for success in the comments section below!


Article written by:

Devin Bond

Client Success Team Leader – Associations

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