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Case Study: Small Business Association of Michigan

Small Business Association of Michigan

Membership Renewal


At SBAM, we sponsor awards, annually, for Michigan’s best small businesses, and I’ve never encountered a more capable, results-driven marketing company than VP.

Rob Fowler
Executive Director

The Challenge

The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) is the premier organization for Michigan’s small business community, with more than 20,000 members. SBAM realized that it needed to implement a new renewal series that was multi-channel and multi-step to help increase their overall renewal rate and to ensure their membership would grow with the addition of new members.

The Solution

In a very collaborative effort, we worked with SBAM to implement a new renewal series, and the association saw an increase in their renewal rate. But implementing a new renewal procedure was not the primary goal – growing membership was the goal. By collaborating to track and analyze, real-time, the on-going results of the new renewal series, lower performing efforts were identified and adapted to increase response. Testing different sequences and messages led the collective team to develop a “2.0 renewal series.”

The Results

In the 2.0 renewal series, SBAM’s overall renewal rate raised again, this time by nearly 13 percent. And it’s not done. Data analysis is an ongoing procedure, and while that is a useful task, helping a client adapt to what the data means is a crucial service we provide

6 Years

Average Length of Membership


Increase in Renewal Rate


Lifetime Value Per Member

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