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Case Studies

With clear data, our case studies show how we’ve been successful for a huge array of associations across the country. We’ve worked with enthusiast associations, trade associations, and professional associations all across the United States. In each case, we’ve worked to solve each association’s unique challenges and delivered exceptional and measurable results.

Our clients have been happy with the results – watching renewal numbers rise and getting their name in front of potential members is just as fun for them as it is for us. We’d love to work with you to help your organization accomplish ambitious membership goals, serve members more effectively, and alleviate pain points that take the fun out of leading your association.


Ruffed Grouse Society

A new member campaign increases membership by 11% utilizing one important piece.

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Small Business Association of Michigan

By implementing a new renewal series, analyzing the results regularly, and adjusting as we went, SBAM saw its renewal rate increase by 12.8%.


American Bonanza Society

A trial-membership program to known aircraft owners utilizing their popular magazine results in an average conversion rate of 41% annually.


Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds

Targeted communication strategies grow the ad revenue of the annual directory as well as increase website traffic from social media sources.


Michigan Rural Water Association

Outsourcing magazine ad sales increased sales 39% an issue the first year, and made the publication a steady source of income.


International Comanche Society

By consolidating its resources and maintaining its membership level over the years with the “team” at VPDCS,  members have a high-level experience.


Safari Club International

A wide array of services that has grown the retention of life and existing members by 22%.


Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association

A renewal program increases retention of current members by 18% in its first year. Later, COPA adds an auto-renewal program to completely eliminate sending renewal efforts.

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