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Membership Renewals

You want your members to return year after year. Lead your members to the decision to remain with you another season.

Renewal time is when your members tell you how much they think your association is worth by choosing to renew or not. Renewals are a great opportunity to remind them of those benefits – and of your value proposition.

Implementing a strategic, multi-part renewal series increases renewal rates.

We’ve learned that many members don’t know the depth of benefits available to them. We’ll work alongside you to develop a series for you that highlight the value and benefits of membership, using multiple touches and multiple response mechanisms, in a message that will resonate with your members.

You can’t afford not to renew your members. If you’re struggling to get members to return, have a high attrition rate, or simply want to better communicate when it’s time to renew, consider speaking with us about a renewal strategy.

Featured Case Study

Small Business Association of Michigan

Through the implementation of a new renewal series, analyzing the results regularly, and adjusting as we went, SBAM saw its renewal rate increase by 12.7%.

Get Started: Where Do You Stand With Renewals?

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