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Member Engagement

Don’t just tell members about what you offer, let them experience it!  

Engagement is about relationships, and engaging your members is essential to the membership experience. They want to feel informed, they want to feel heard, and they want to feel connected – all on an individual level. Our engagement-oriented services help you do this.

At the heart of our approach to member engagement is a custom publication. Yes, print still lives! According to several surveys we’ve conducted on behalf of association clients, an association’s magazine is the single most visible and important member benefit. Why? Because it’s tangible. Print is still a very viable way to reach and engage members, as well as consumers, donors, and sponsors. Read: 3 Reasons to Keep Print. We also offer digital issue conversion services to place your printed issues in an online environment so that you can add more accessibility and more value for your members.

In addition, engage your members through strategic, long-term marketing programs such as email communication containing time-sensitive and relevant updates that may focus on advocacy, benefits, or events; a dedicated customer service center with a knowledgeable, personal human being on the other end; and through the fulfillment of membership kits and other key printed communications.

It’s essential to offer multiple opportunities through multiple communication methods for members of all levels of enthusiasm to engage with your association. This enhances their experience, and they will refer to that engagement experience when it comes time to renew. Make sure they have a great one!

Featured Case Study

Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds

Targeted communication strategies grow the ad revenue of the annual directory as well as increase website traffic from social media sources.

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