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Our Membership Marketing Philosophy

As an association executive, you know that a one-size-fits-all value proposition rarely fits your diverse membership very well. When it comes to how our membership marketing services are utilized, our association clients are the same way. We believe in working in close collaboration with our clients to help them make data-driven decisions to grow their membership, increase non-dues revenue, and deliver and exceptional membership experience. So, what services are you currently missing at your association? Think of VP as an extension of your staff and a diligent resource to help you work towards your mission and deliver your vision.


Spread the word and reach your best prospects so that you can add new members to your association.


Give members superior service and ways to engage with everything your association does for them.


Remind members about the importance of renewing through a strategic, multi-part series.

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Our Services

VP offers a wide range of association-specific services available to our partners. You’d be surprised how our different clients use us in vastly different ways. Just as no two associations are the same, our relationships and services utilized with clients are equally diverse. Depending on the issues you face as an organization, you’ll select the services below in a manner that’s entirely unique to you and your team.

If you’d like more information about how we could help you with one of these specialized services, send us an email. To get a better idea of how other associations utilize our services and expertise, check out our wide range of case studies.

A/B Testing

Measure and compare response by conducting regular tests in order to capitalize on future efforts.

Business Analysis

Get a third party review of your association to identify areas of strength and areas of growth.

Call Center

Let members experience personal support and care by our friendly, skilled service team.

Circulation Management

Make sure your members receive their magazine issues on time and in relation to their join and expiration dates.


Need a sounding board? Take advantage of our experience and knowledge.


Trust that your communications are relevant, evoke response, and follow the rules of the English language.

Data Management

Manage your data to accurately manage your members, fulfill magazine and storefront requests, track campaigns, and identify trends.

Graphic Design

Whether it’s obsessing over typography, revamping a color scheme, or protecting a brand, we’re passionate and steadfast in our mindset to create fresh, innovative pieces that fit your association.


From simple proofreading to full-out content editing, ensure your communications are aligned with your association’s image and in a clear, consistent voice.

Email Marketing

Engage your membership by communicating important updates, renewal notifications, and upcoming events with mobile-friendly emails.


Ensure your products, kits, and magazine issues are getting out the door efficiently and on time.

Mailing Services

With our mailing services, we receive your mail list and printing specifications, and we make sure you don’t spend more than you have to at the Post Office.


Our digital and conventional presses allow us to provide the most economical printing configuration. Add in their dimensional capabilities and variable, on-demand printing, and you have more marketing horsepower at your fingertips.


Connect with readers across the spectrum with an eye-catching, tangible member benefit by sending them a magazine.


Keep a hand on the pulse of your association with frequent updates about the response of your campaigns and membership programs.

Strategic Campaign Planning

Reach members no matter where they fall in the membership life cycle by coordinating print, email, and digital campaigns.


Provide yourself with actionable data to make informed decisions about how to add value for your members and influence the future.


Take out the busy work and take advantage of our warehouse space to store your products, membership kits, or magazine issues.

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